Millennium Honeymoon

Franco Brambillas The Millennium Honeymoon series follows Han Solo and Princess Leia during their „vintage“ honeymoon after the end of the saga. It was a classic for his parents generation to tour through the art cities of Italy as Honeymoon: Florence, Rome, Benevento, Napoli...

„Invading Star Wars is just a fan tribute to my favourite movie from when I was a kid, I saw it when I was 10 and after that I decided I would draw starships and robots for living“, said Franco.

„Now it has been 10 years that I’m doing that: I’m the official illustrator of an italian sci-fi book collection very popular here: Urania by Mondadori. Everytime it is still a thrill to get the briefs for the covers of next month, I do illustrate 2/3 books a month since the year 2000. I stared „invading the vintage“ in 2007 mostly for fun and I will keep invading grandparents postcards (but also vintage sci-fi tv and movies), I think this kind of art may be filed under „geek art“.